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KEFAT Governance

KEFAT is run by an Executive Committee.During the Annual General Meeting in 2010 ,

the membership of KEFAT amended the provision of the constitution related to the

composition of the executive committee to allow for up to 9 members, at least two of

whom must be females.


 The newly elected executive committee comprises:-


1. Fredrick Masinde (Undugu Fair Trade Ltd)

2. Edwin Bett (KISAC Fair Trade Ltd)

3. Sammy Makau (Kazuri Beads)

4. Esther Mwanyama (Bombolulu)

5. Martin Malila (Machakos Cooperative Union Ltd)

6. Susan Maina (The Centre for International Market Access (CIMA) )

7. ElkanaOng'esa (Design Power) – Member


Each Executive Committee member holds office for a term of two (2) years and may be

 re-elected for another term.

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